In Search of Symmetry

With every body that enters my clinic room, I am always looking for symmetry within their cellular structure.

Seemingly random pain in our backs, knees and necks are actually not random at all. They’re intricately connected to our body’s alignment and symmetry. Think of the pain as a message from the body telling us that something is out of sync. Our nerves are unhappy. We are not symmetrical.

Our bodies are beautiful machines, which means that every part of us is connected. Muscles are connected to bones, ligaments, cartilage, skin nerves and cells. Much more than a vanity project, our posture is a direct reflection of the health of our musculoskeletal system.

When certain muscles in the body are weakened due to underuse, misuse or strain, our stronger muscles will try to compensate. This dysfunction and compensation can cause bones to move into the wrong position, compromising our posture and inflicting pain.

Poor posture strains our muscles and joints during movement and weight bearing activities. Over time, this can lead to an altered pattern of walking and if left untreated, a permanent shift in the body’s symmetry.

Through attention and persistent therapy, it is possible to revert the body back to its original form, achieving symmetry once more. Stretching, strength training, regular massage and myfascial release therapy can all have a profound impact on our body’s symmetrical alignment. Proper alignment provides lasting relief for many musculoskeletal issues such as: headaches and migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, hip and knee pain, IT band syndrome etc.

Anyone living with chronic pain due to cellular asymmetry and misalignment can find relief with the right prognoses and customized plan.

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