Would you benefit from pain management therapy?


Everyone walks into my treatment room with pain or discomfort of some degree.

Young, healthy clients with structural misalignment that has developed to a point where the subsequent pain impacts their daily lives.

Clients who have been living with chronic pain for years, have tried alternative remedies with little success and who now endure the pain or medicate it away.

We lead busy lives that put strain on our skeletal and muscular systems. What matters is how we approach this inevitability through prevention and maintenance.

Common causes of pain are sitting for extended periods at a desk, an imbalance in muscular strength rendering some muscles weak or strained, an old sports injury that healed improperly and tension buildup in a specific area of the body.

My work as a myofascial release therapist is to find the source of the pain by examining the whole body and learning medical history, and to develop a plan tailored to the individual.

I not only help to provide relief from current issues, but work to prevent new issues from emerging. Prevention is the most powerful way to ensure our bodies are aligned, strong and resilient as we age.

Consider the following statements. 

I am in constant pain in one or more areas of my body.

The pain is preventing me from doing the things I love.

I am struggling with weight loss.

I am struggling with weight gain.

I have been prescription medication for the pain, but I want an alternative.

If you identify with any of the above, I can help.

Let’s connect.