Carrie Hart / Age 56 / Real Estate Agent / Client for 10 years 

When I first met Sue, I was stressed and in pain most of the time. My neck and lower back were always bothering me, and my body was pretty wound up in knots. Day to day, I felt overweight and lethargic.

I was working full time and raising my kids. Life was rolling at a fast pace; take a pill, get a massage, go. Ultimately, I was medicating my problems instead of solving them.

Sue offered so much more than just a massage. She approached my health holistically by educating me about the mind-body connection and proper nutrition, and by introducing me to yoga. When I first met her I couldn’t even reach past my knees, let alone touch my toes.

She started by addressing my neck and back pain through massage and the healing power of touch. When the pain began to disappear, I was able to focus on slowing down, being mindful of my choices and introducing new, positive changes into my life.

I went from taking multiple prescription medications to one simply because I don’t need them anymore. I practice yoga regularly. I now know how to listen to my body when it’s trying to tell me that it’s hungry, tired or needs to stretch. Once I learned how to do that, I could make more intelligent choices. And it wasn’t difficult! It was right in front of me; I just wasn’t listening.

I think Sue has a gift. I call her “Sue Ruhe the Health Guru” because she has taught me so much about self-care through her commitment to my health.


Viktor Venhrzhanovskiy / Age 25 / Cellular Technician / Client for 10 years 

When I met Sue, I was 100 pounds heavier than I am today. She taught me one of the most valuable lessons of my life: that I am the only one who places limits on myself and on what I am capable of achieving. She inspired confidence in me from the start and once we had an established relationship I felt ready to make big changes.

I used to have chronic pain from childhood injuries, back problems and tendonitis in my knee. My knee rarely hurts now. I feel more energized, confident and generally aware of the needs of my body.

Sue is committed to helping me outside of our sessions. She offers information, advice and suggestions for me to take home and use daily.

I would honestly say she has completely changed my life. I know that I will never go back to the way I lived before, now that I have changed my mindset about my health.



Tia Sutherland / Age 42 / Police Officer / Client for 8 years 

I’m a police officer, so I work shift work that requires me to be rested, energized and feeling good. Before meeting Sue, I suffered from frequent and severe migraines that were ultimately impacting my life. When a migraine struck, I had to go straight home to bed. Nausea, light sensitivity and inability to focus rendered me helpless. 

My doctor prescribed medications, but none of them worked. After months of enduring the migraines, I decided to try massage therapy hoping it would provide some relief. 

Within a few months of seeing Sue for bi-weekly sessions, the frequency of my migraines went way down. Eventually, they disappeared. I had no idea that I have built up so much tension in my back and shoulders over time. Her consistent, targeted therapy released the tension and cured me of my migraines. 

My relationship with Sue goes beyond massage therapy. She is so knowledgeable about the body when it comes to fitness and lifestyle. I work out often and it’s an important part of my life. Sue has showed me proper form and technique so that my workouts are effective and injury-free. She really helped me to understand how my alignment can impact the effectiveness of specific exercises, and I’ve seen great results. She also gives me stretches that will target my most troubled spots like my hips and knees. 

Because of Sue, I live migraine free and I am more knowledgeable about how to look after myself longterm. The ripple effect that has had on my life has been amazing. 


Glynis Martin/ age 21 / client for one year

In grade 9, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine that causes pain and discomfort, and affects mobility. My doctors recommended that I opt out of surgery because my scoliosis would more likely worsen with a surgical procedure than improve it. They didn’t offer any solid solutions, but encouraged me to “try anything” that might offer relief. I was at a loss.

I found Sue through my Dad, who was already one of her massage clients. After each session, I felt temporary relief, but I was young and didn’t dedicate the time to regular sessions.

It wasn’t until last summer when I started to see Sue on a weekly basis that I noticed a big change in how I felt. I went from feeling numbness in my arms, shooting pain and tightness in my muscles, and leg pain so severe that it was difficult to walk, to virtually no consistent pain.

Sue also recommended I see a personal trainer to help build my muscle strength in my core to support my back. In a short eight months, I feel stronger, my posture has started to change and slowly but surely I am seeing results. She has also offered advice on proper nutrition and water intake. I had no idea that drinking more water could make such a difference!

It feels impossible to summarize what Sue has done for me. I’ll say that she has given me so much hope. She has been one of the biggest game changers for me.